Meet the Team – Partners

H2 Learning (Project Co-ordinator) Ireland
H2 Learning is a professional services organisation, providing a range of services in the area of ICT and education. It has extensive knowledge of the education sector, specifically in the use of information communication technology (ICT) to enhance teaching, learning & assessment in formal education. H2 has developed an expertise in multi-disciplinary project management over the past ten years as a result of working on a range of EU, government and private sector projects.
The organisation’s core business is education consultancy and the principal consultants have extensive experience in the education sector as teachers, national ICT advisors, teacher educators, policy creators and consultants. H2 has implemented a wide range of innovative ICT showcase projects across a range of settings over the past ten years and all have been underpinned by quality CPD for teachers. H2 believe CPD is essential in order to achieve meaningful ICT integration.

South Eastern Regional College (SERC), Northern Ireland
SERC is one of the largest Further Education Colleges in Northern Ireland and is committed to bringing top-class education and learning opportunities to our local communities. SERC provides its practical, technical and vocational learning in response to the demands of local stakeholders and government strategies.
The College aims to provide an experience that inspires, transforms and enriches by nurturing innovation and providing opportunities for development beyond academic and vocational achievements. SERC has been involved in a number of European funded partnerships to promote innovation and the exchange of knowledge and good practices: Lifelong Learning Programme projects, Skills4Work to improve work experience pathways for VET students, AppSkil to upskill ICT students so they can cope effectively with issues involved in working in the mobile apps field. SERC has relevant experience in TEL and ILT, establishing an ILT Pedagogy mentoring programme as a support for over 400 academic staff.

City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) Ireland
City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) provides education services to develop, provide and support high quality person centred learning opportunities for young people and adults in Dublin City. CDETB is the largest Education and Training Board in Ireland and has a long tradition of engaging in European projects so that the organisation can engage in innovative projects designed to modernise the working of the organisation.
They have made a significant investment in digital technology in recent years with the deployment of Moodle and other technologies across the Education and Training Boards (ETB). They are also involved in developing a new TEL strategy for the Irish Further Education and Training (FET) sector designed to embed digital technology in teaching, learning and assessment activities across the ETB sector and specifically within CDETB.
They already have an active community of practice for teachers who are interested in TEL through link teacher gatherings and plan to build on this group through this project. The TELMS project provides an opportunity to trial this innovative approach with teachers so that they better support one another so that learners have a more engaging learning experience.

Solski Centre Kranj (SC Kranj), Slovenia
School Centre Kranj is situated in the Gorenjska region (NW part of Slovenia). It consists of five organizational units: Secondary School for Electrotechnics and Informatics, Secondary School for Economy, Services and Civil Engineering, Specialist Grammar School, Vocational College and Inter-company Training Centre.
The School Centre mission is to educate for the professions of the future. In that way students will be enabled to successful integrate into the global environment. New technologies in the education process is one of the priorities at SC Kranj. The school has participated in many national and EU projects in the development of e-learning materials and e-support (nationally), and e-portfolios as part of ICT education policy (EU).

SIS Malignani (Malignani), Italy
SIS Malignani (Malignani) represents one of the biggest technical high schools in Italy. The school is actively using TEL and ILT with an e-learning environment on LMS Moodle; teachers can open virtual courses to support teaching in the classroom; to carry out collaborative activities and peer-to-peer collaboration; to talk in forums and to write wiki pages, to download and upload files; to prepare on-line assessment tests; and to design and use Learning Objects.
Malignani has led and been partner in a number of EU funded Lifelong Learning projects, utilising innovative, informal blended e-learning approaches. It has also been involved in national projects with other schools and Universities whose aims were to modify teaching using web technologies, ICT and multimedia. The school also completed a research project on behalf of the Ministry of Education to develop models for schools following best practices.

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