Telms Toolkit

The TELMS Toolkit aims to provide a free educational resource for FE Colleges to explain how Technology Enhanced Learning Mentoring Support (TELMs) can be delivered. This toolkit is designed for new and more experienced tutors/teachers who wish to introduce TELMs based mentoring in their college. The information gathered in this toolkit is based on the experience and research of the five European partners conducting the pilot the programme.

Please be advised that the current information has a shelf life, information will be updated, and web links may no longer exist in time.

The toolkit is openly available through our website and any interested institution may access and use the included resources. The project partners invite any interested institution to contact us to access additional resources and training materials.


Partner Resources

Partner Resource Pages

TEL Resouces

Includes : 

  • Classroom Resouces
  • TELMS related Images from ETBI Conference

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Mentoring Process


  • Sezione video mentor
  • Sezione wideo mentee
  • Sezione Esempi di Lezioni –
  • Sperimentazione TELMS
  • Risorse: siti e portali su alcune Metodologie Didattiche che usano TEL

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