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What is TELMs?

When referring to technology, Vocational Education and Training (VET) teachers will say that while it certainly presents opportunities for the sector, technology also presents challenges arising from its constantly evolving nature. In order to maximise the impact of technology on teaching and learning, the VET workforce — including trainers and assessors in enterprises, adult community education and community organisations — must develop the skills and competences that allow for technology to be properly embedded into classroom practice.

A new pan-European project called Technology Enhanced Learning Mentoring Support (TELMS), aims to address the need for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) as part of VET education provision. It also recognises that teaching staff need to be supported in their efforts to embed technology into classroom practice.
The project partners are:

  • H2 Learning (TELMS Project Manager),Ireland
  • South Eastern Regional College (SERC), Northern Ireland
  • City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB), Ireland
  • Solksi Centre Kranj (SC Kranj), a VET School, Slovenia
  • ISIS Malignani (Malignani), a VET Technical Institute, Italy