The Mentoring Process

What is TELMS?

In this increasingly technological world there is a growing focus on how digital technology can enhance teaching, learning and assessment practices in all areas of education and training. In VET more and more organisations are considering how they utilise the growing list of technologies to support their learners and in particular to provide appropriate supports to their teachers. All too often organisations invest in the technology but they forgot to invest in their teachers, so they can become more confident and competent in using these tools with their learners. TELMS was designed to address this issue.

The TELMS is unique in that has taken a mentoring approach and customised it to support VET professionals embed digital technology in their practice. The project took an existing TEL mentoring programme, that was developed in South Eastern Regional College, and partners adapted this approach to meet the needs of their own organisations.

The project has captured the mentoring process, so others can engage on a similar journey and partners have shared a range of resources and suggestions on how to embed digital tools across the VET curriculum. The project has developed a TELMS Toolkit to support organisations design and implement their own training programmes, while also providing valuable resources such as teacher guides for a wide range of selected technology.